Enhance Your Revenue Growing Abilities

Join hands with Copact to scale up your revenue growing ability by accessing industry expert processing teams to process your time-consuming tasks.

US Insurance Services

We offer solutions ranging from Certificate Issuance, Policy Checking, Document Retrieval and Indexing thru Producer Support, to help agencies to be efficient and profitable.
Our executive processes all your necessary tasks as agreed and gets the work done.
The executive will follow up as needed throughout the processing of the tasks to make sure everything is in order.

Digitization Services

In this tech-driven world, digitization is a prerequisite for most businesses, irrespective of the industry in which they operate. It, in fact, goes a long way in determining the long-term operations of organizations.
The way we approach data information is changing globally. Industry leaders are counting on reliable, highly accurate data transcription for their businesses now more than ever before.

US Insurance Solutions

Insurance agencies today are struggling with the common problem of finding talent and retaining them. Due to the demand of higher wages, more benefits, and flexible schedules, agencies now have to spend more cash to find the right people and also to meet the demands.
How do you keep your spending under your control and grow your business?
We have a better solution to this situation for agencies to enhance their revenue growing ability and yet keeping the cash flow planned.
How do you keep your spending under your control and grow your business?
We have a better solution to this situation for agencies to enhance their revenue growing ability and yet keeping the cash flow planned.
Copact provides insurance agencies and brokers solutions that are perfect for your business needs. Our solutions are tailor made that are focused to reduce the extra expense and increase revenue.

Your Smart Business Optimization

Working with our highly experienced staff, we are able to provide the solutions and services needed to meet each client’s needs.

The clients include Insurance Agencies, Brokers, Wholesalers, MGA’s and Carrier’s.

Our goal is to provide companies with the highest level of service and reduce any potential losses.

Generating increased revenue

We work with agencies to understand the insurance implications of their client’s business activities and then develop tailored insurance programs. This can involve creating insurance solutions to protect mission-critical business solutions.

Action To Brands

An Array of Technology Driven Solutions

Dedicated Teams

Custom Workflows


No Hourly Minimums

We do not bill minimum charges and you get to pay for only the hours used.

Round the clock access

Our teams work 24 hours a day and you will have access to the teams all the time.

Flexible Billing Model

We offer flexible models to meet the needs of our clients.

2 week trial

Experience the experience by taking up our trial period.

We provide solutions that make your life happier.

Digitization Services

Archive Digitization, Transcription, Conversion, Capturing, Data Entry

We help create high-resolution copies of the Archivesdigitized collections with scanning and enhanced OCR for more in-depth analysis. In addition to this service as a package, we are offering our indexing service for digital documents as well, for easy retrieval of information.

We offer secure and completely customized data transcription for a variety of Industries. Our workforce management platform has been built with the industry’s best information security protocols and processes to ensure that your data is safe, encrypted, and securely maintained.

We handle all your data conversions, saving you both time and money. We have the best skilled manpower, the latest technology, and expertise in digitization to deliver seamless data conversion services across all industry verticals.

Data Capture is a significant part of the many business processes in an organization. Outsourcing your data capture services allows you to concentrate on your core activities to further enhance your business.

We have built a strong, committed Data Entry Services team that delivers high end results. What’s more, our highly trained professionals work with advanced tools to help ensure up to 99% accuracy!